Simryn Gill, ‘Vegetation’, 2016, Jhaveri Contemporary

About Simryn Gill

Simryn Gill creates her works by drawing images and resources from her surroundings. As a result, her many bodies of work track her well-traveled biography: Gill is of Indian descent, was born in Singapore, raised in Malaysia, and is now based in Sydney, Australia. Her conceptual installations and photographs, as a result, explore the ways in which memory and history affect culture and landscapes. My Own Private Angkor (2007-09) is comprised of 90 photographs taken from a proximate housing development in Malaysia that had been abandoned and vandalized. Her other projects include installations made from casually collected circular objects, spherical forms made from molding found materials, and cutouts of certain phrases from various books. In many of these works, Gill invites the viewer to play with and rearrange the objects.

Malaysian, b. 1959, Singapore, based in Sydney, Australia and Port Dickson, Malaysia

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