Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, ‘Sappho and Alcaeus’, 1881, Walters Art Museum

Framed H: 41 x W: 61 in. (104.14 x 154.94 cm)

Image rights: Image provided by the Walters Art Museum

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Acquired by William T. Walters, after 1881

About Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Over the course of his career, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema came to be known as that painter of “Victorians in togas”, for his depictions of luxury and decadence in fabulous exotic landscapes and interiors. Alma-Tadema first studied under the Belgian historical painter Henrik Leys, and assisted him in completing frescoes throughout Antwerp. Around the time he was studying painting, Alma-Tadema also took classes in history and archaeology, and during a trip to Italy in 1863, he discovered a passion for Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquity, and began to paint scenes of these subjects exclusively. He was particularly celebrated for his ability to represent ancient architecture, costumes, and the textures of marble, bronze, and silk.

Anglo-Dutch, January 8, 1836 - June 25, 1912, Dronrijp, Netherlands