Siri Devi Khandavilli, ‘Darpana Sundari’, 2012, Lisa Sette Gallery

About Siri Devi Khandavilli

Siri Devi Khandavilli works across painting, performance, video, and installation to create visual art rooted in the history and traditional production means of her native India, but that transcends any particular culture. She is best known for cheeky bronze sculptures that evoke traditional idols of Hindu female deities, except in place the goddess’s head is the head of a poodle inspired by Lady Gaga’s canine companion Fozzi. The sculptures are produced in a foundry in an Indian village with tools and production methods in place since the Bronze Age. Other notable works include Eat, a looped video commenting on ceaseless consumption, and Lucky Lakshmi Dollar Bill, a conceptual work created from U.S. dollar bills that emphasizes the multiple connotations of money. As a whole, Khandavilli’s diverse body of work is centered on the notion of desire, asking, “What is it that moves people, or what is it that moves the world?”

Indian, Mysore, India

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