Sislej Xhafa, ‘Merry-Go-Round’, 2013, Blain | Southern

About Sislej Xhafa

Sislej Xhafa works across mediums and dimensions in order to explore and, oftentimes, further obfuscate the social, political, economic, and quotidian complexities of modern life. “Reality is stronger than art,” Xhafa says. “As an artist I do not want to reflect a reality, but I do want to question it.” His research-based and participatory practice, which he has referred to as examining the “politics of interruption”, has a humor that is tongue-in-cheek at its most docile and subversive in its extreme. Themes in Xhafa’s works have included the arbitrary nature of the stock market, security and stability, poverty, tourism, and the legal status of his country of origin, Kosovo.

Kosovar-Albanian, b. 1970, Peja, Kosovo, based in Brooklyn, New York