Skoya Assemat-Tessandier, ‘Lune’, 2009, The Switch

Conceived through Skoya Assemat-Tessandier’s experiments on a technique discovered during his two years’ residency in Tokyo. The tools were developed from oriental elements and were added to the cultural knowledge absorbed by the Artist during his immersion in Japan: esoteric beliefs surround the Artist's themes.
Numerological and astrological systems blended with interest in the unconventional are translated into abstraction: “As if we were looking at each planet in the solar system with a microscope” says Skoya Assemat-Tessandier.

Signature: Available with Certificate of Authenticity

New York, USA

About Skoya Assemat-Tessandier

French, b. 1986, Paris, France, based in Lisbon, Portugal

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