Skylar Fein, ‘Black Flag for Guy Debord’, 2012, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

"Pollution is in fashion: it takes hold of the entire life of society. It reveals itself everywhere as ideology made real and it gains on the ground as a real process. These two antagonistic movements, the supreme stage of production and the project of its total negation, grow together. They are the two sides through which a single historical moment, long awaited and often foreseen in inadequate partial figures, manifests itself: the impossibility of the continuation of the current order. This impossibility is in fact already perfectly demonstrated by all of separated scientific knowledge, which now only discusses the expiration date and the palliatives that, if we apply them diligently, can slightly delay it. Such a science can only accompany to destruction the world that has produced it, but it is forced to do so with open eyes. Revolution or death: this slogan is no longer the lyrical expression of the consciousness that revolts. It is the last word of the scientific thought of our century."

About Skylar Fein

Skylar Fein brings together his Pop sensibility and political conscience in two- and three-dimensional works that incorporate found materials such as comic book imagery and items gathered off the streets of New Orleans; he often pays tribute to forms of nonviolent resistance, including punk music and graffiti. Fein began his career at the age of 37 after moving to New Orleans just six weeks before Hurricane Katrina engulfed the city, and he first gained recognition with Remember the Upstairs Lounge (2008), a multimedia installation piece that recreated a New Orleans gay bar burned down in 1973 in a fire, killing 32 patrons and injuring dozens more. Fein has also recreated some of the Irish writer Samuel Beckett’s spy-craft-coded telegrams, which he sent and received when he was living in Paris as the Nazis were apprehending his Jewish friends. On Beckett, Fein has said, “In our current climate of a visual art eviscerated of any moral force or clarity, I take what courage I can from his pitiless unapology.”

American, b. 1968, New York, New York, based in New Orleans, Louisiana