SN, ‘Superhero (Black)’, 2016, Eden Fine Art

Kate Moss' figure is printed on a fine art paper.
The butterflies used in Sn's works are real and in their true colors.
Butterflies, like all other insects, have no nervous system, and do not feel pain.
They are imported when already dehydrated, sometimes 40+ years old, from butterfly farms , where they live full lives until they are then collected for distribution. Of Course, none of the butterflies used in the artworks are in the endangered species list.
The big blue butterfly belongs to the Morpho family of butterflies, and some consider it the most beautiful creature in the world. It lives in the tropics of South America. The red butterfly is the only completely red butterfly in the world, and it exists solely in Africa.
**The protective layer of the artwork is not glass, but an acrylic material that filters out 99% of UV rays.

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