Soft Baroque, ‘Bubinga Digital Print’, 2016, Etage Projects

Bubinga Digital Print on silk is a part of Soft Baroque's project Soft/Hard. This project, commissioned by Etage Projects for Design Miami/Basel Curio 2016, sees the sensory manipulation of interior design objects and the automated value embedded in everyday objects. The surfaces of materials, such as exotic wood and granite, are scanned and digitally printed onto silk textiles. This creates an illusion, making silk look like granite, thus merging the opposites of soft and hard, while humorously exploring the critical hierarchy between functionalist and aesthetic objects. In this piece, it is the print of bubinga, an exotic timber.

Etage Projects, Design Miami/ Basel, 2016

About Soft Baroque

Working at the intersection of art and design, Soft Baroque is the collaborative practice of Nicholas Gardner and Saša Štucin, both of whom graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2013. The refined, simplified forms of their works reflect principles of midcentury design, but the pieces also veer toward conceptual territory by evoking the malleability of how objects are seen and mediated today. For the visual system titled New Surface Strategies, the London-based duo produces blue textiles and modernist-style furniture, the latter of which is made of simple plywood forms. The blue functions less as a fixed color and more as a skin on which different textures and patterns can be projected, suggesting that the object is both physical and digital.