Sol Calero, ‘Tente en el aire’, 2018, Barbara Gross

About Sol Calero

In her immersive, vibrant installations and paintings, Sol Calero mines her Latin American heritage to create works that foreground and celebrate its culture. Exploring the long-fraught relationship between her region of the world and Europe and America, she seeks to challenge the ways in which Latinos have been caricatured. She describes her motivation by saying, “I started wondering what Latin American art would have been if we hadn’t had such a big European influence, if we weren’t so focused on what was out there and more thinking what could we do ‘here.’” She sends up Latin American stereotypes by presenting brightly painted spaces hung with paintings bursting with tropical fruit. For one project, she transformed a gallery into a hybrid of a functioning beauty salon and salsa studio. Not content to focus only on her own work, Calero also co-runs a project space, called Kinderhook & Caracas.

Venezuelan, b. 1982, Caracas, Venezuela, based in Berlin, Germany