Sondra R. Perry, ‘Lineage for a Multiple-Monitor Workstation: Number One’, 2015, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

About Sondra R. Perry

In genre-bending cinematic experiences, Sondra R. Perry applies a sophisticated understanding and interpretation of art history and technology to quintessentially contemporary media and subjects. The New Jersey-based interdisciplinary artist creates atmospheric gallery installations and transportive films that incorporate the viewer using scale, color, and voiceover. Creating tension and synthesis within the confluence of digital and physical space, Perry explores Black American identity and historical narratives. Tinged with traces of memory, Perry’s work often features close relations and startling intimacy, disrupting the overwhelming smoothness of digital representation with a nuanced human perspective. “There's a responsibility to image folks in a way that offers them the freedom to code themselves,” Perry said, “Subjecthood needs to be extended.”