Sônia Gomes, ‘Cordão dos Mentecaptos’, 2016, Mendes Wood DM

About Sônia Gomes

Sônia Gomes’s colorful free-standing and hanging sculptures, made of fabric, thread, and wire, call upon the heritage of her hometown Caetanópolis, a center of Brazil’s textile industry. Working with found or gifted materials has a sacred aspect for the artist: she considers cloth to be her sculptures’ skin; it carries collective and personal stories that she activates through her artwork. Experimenting intuitively with shape and form, she creates expressive and amorphous pieces that recall biological structures as much as Latin American history. Gomes’s influence is now keenly felt in a younger generation of South American artists.

Brazilian, b. 1948, Caetanópolis, Brazil, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil