Sophia Dawson, ‘Delbert’, 2016, Richard Beavers Gallery

Series: To Be Free captures, through art, the life-stories and experiences of Black political prisoners who were imprisoned because of their sixties era political affiliations. The project features at least three pieces on each political prisoner. The project seeks 1) to raise the profile of each individual political prisoner in the mainstream 2) highlight their social justice commitments and organizing efforts around issues that still plague American society today 3) humanize them in the eye of the viewer through larger than life portraiture. The captivating portraits of Kehinde Wiley and Mickalene Thomas are some of my influences.

Signature: Front

Image rights: Sophia Dawson

Portrait of Delbert Africa with hands raised moments before he was brutalized by Philadelphia police. The encounter was captured on camera. Delbert and 6 other members of Move are still political prisoners in the United States fighting for their freedom.

About Sophia Dawson

Jamaican, b. 1981, Brooklyn, NY, United States, based in Brooklyn, NY, United States

Group Shows

Jamaica's National Gallery, 
Kingston, Jamaica,
Jamaica's National Gallery Biennial
Fountain Art Fair, 
New York, NY, United States,
69th Regiment Armory / Rush Arts Gallery
Corridor Gallery, 
Brooklyn, NY, United States,
All Power to the People
Dumbo Arts Center, 
Brooklyn, NY, United States,
New York, NY, United States,
Wet Paint