South Asian Collection, ‘A Goddess on a Throne (Mysore School, Karnataka)’, ca. 19, Seraphin Gallery

A (Unidentified) Goddess on her throne: The dominance of red and green, the bold fluid contours emphasized by washes of color are typical of the paintings in Mysore during the early nineteenth century. The oval face and quiet countenance are typical of Mysore paintings The Goddess sits on her vehicle a human male who lies supine on the swinging throne. Beneath the golden throne is a tantric sri yantra, In her four hands she holds an arrow, chauri or fly whisk , palm and noose. Her head carries a great golden, bejeweled mukuta (crown). She is covered with henna, with only the upper portions of her forehead not covered.

Ithaca College Museum of Art Ithaca, New York, 1971
Lycoming College Gallery, Williamsport Pennsylvania, 1981

Collection of James E. Bogle, Philadelphia
Acquired 26 June 1970,