South Asian Collection, ‘A Jain Painting of Jambudvipa (Rajastan School)’, ca. 19, Seraphin Gallery

The large circle divided by multicolored horizontal bands representing mountain ranges and a center band filled with trees, a blue border with fishtails and water jars, kalashes , a symbol of Brahmā at the four cardinal points. In this madhyaloka, India is represented by a land mass at the bottom, center, emerging from the horizontal yellow band representing the Himalayas and bordered by two rivers flowing from the mountains, the Indus and the Gangas

BUDDHIST COSMOLOGY The Study of a Burmese manuscript. James Emanuel Bogle, Silkworm Books. Chiang Mai, 2016

Collection of James E. Bogle, Philadelphia
Acquired 20 March 2012 Christie’s Auction ,New York Auction Code
and Number ‘DORIS-2640.”The Doris Wiener Collection Item 329.