South Asian Collection, ‘Buddha Head (Lopburi School)’, ca. 12, Seraphin Gallery

The head is typical of the Lopburi School and is characterized by “the flat hair curls, bordered by a band adorned with a pattern of small petals, the tiered ushnisha with two rows of petals ending in a smooth conical bud (broken), the open eyes, and the square face with its serene , youthful expression ”Boisselier p229 in reference to Plate 77.

The base is cast aluminum

Ithaca College Museum of Art, Ithaca, New York ,Spring 1971
Catalog exhibition entitled ‘Art of Thailand.’ Item 31; loan 413.70L

Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Acquired 25 December 1959 from Wanchai ( an antique dealer introduced
to me by Jim Thompson).