South Asian Collection, ‘Buddha on Muchalinda (Mandalay)’, ca. 19, Seraphin Gallery

Burmese Bronze Figure of Buddha Shakyamuni on Muchalinda: A bronze figure of Buddha, seated in dhyanasana on a three coiled body of Muchalinda, his hands in bhumisarsa and dhyana mudra, and wearing a monastic robe falling from the left shoulder across his body, his face with benevolent expression, bow-shaped mouth, inset eyes and finely arched eyebrows in relief, his hair tiny curls surmounted by a domed usnisa contained by a broad band corresponding to the fillet. Mandalay style ; Uusual is the single head form of the Muchalinda.

Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Acquired 14 August 1989 from ‘Erawan Antiques’ 149/8 Suriwongse Road, Bangkok