South Asian Collection, ‘Burmese Standing Buddha (Mandalay Style)’, ca. 19, Seraphin Gallery

The lord Buddha in an adorn , jeweled sanghati in a gesture of standing with both hands downward his usnia arranged in rows of mall rounded curls contained by a jeweled headband.

“Characteristic of the Mandalay style of the Alaungpaya-Dynasty (1752-1885) are the headband of Thai origin with its jewel or glass inlay, the net-like haircap with dots of lacquer to indicate curls and usnisa without flame (rasmi)” Karow figure 72 ,p.88.

Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Acquired 1969 Bangkok, Thailand from Peng Seng Antiques,404 Suriwongse Road ( an antique dealer introduce to me by Jim Thompson).