South Asian Collection, ‘Kali on Siva/Sava (Kangra School)’, ca. 1800, Seraphin Gallery

“ In this painting , Sakti is Kali,the Dark Goddess, the primordial power. Siva the corpse (Sava), lies supine on the funeral pyre in the cremation ground. The moment Kali, stepping lightly ,lowers her raised foot and touches his chest, the corpse stirs; instilled with new life, he is Siva the beauteous god…”* Kali four hands hold a lotus, shears, sword and severed head and wears a cotton doti, garland with human heads, golden arm bands and bracelets. In the near background two jackals and two attendants wait in anticipation.


  • Kramrisch, Stella; Manifestations of Shiva, -Philadelphia Museum of Art,1981, P.218.

Lycoming College Gallery; Williamsport, Pennsylvania 1981

Collection of James E. Bogle, Philadelphia
Acquired 9 December 1977 from Emporium D’Art & Craft, Red Fort,
Old Delhi, India