South Asian Collection, ‘Lopburi Stone Buddha Head (Lopburi School; Later Style)’, ca. 12, Seraphin Gallery

A life-size, lovely, very weathered head of the lord Buddha from the later style of the Lopburi School.. Lopburi stone sculptures have a strong expressive character. The half open eyes and the hint of a mile make this piece very appealing to the viewer. Lopburi was an outpost of the Khmer empire and the Lopburi School while influenced by the art of Khmer was active for almost 1000 years until the 17th Century. See LeMay’ Figure 188 for a similar example.

Ithaca College Museum of Art,
Ithaca, New York ,Spring 1971
Catalog exhibition entitled 'Art of Thailand'
Loan Number 415.70L

Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Acquired 1960,Ayutthaya, Thailand from Wanchai ( an antique dealer introduced to me by Jim Thompson, the Thai silk king).