South Asian Collection, ‘Maharaja Man Singh of Jaipur Paying Homage to Bahucharju’, ca. 1820, Seraphin Gallery

The maharaja of Jaipur paying homage and seeking seeking the blessings of the goddess Bahucharji (Chubal): The goddess Bahucharje (a form of the great goddess Devi ) who is attended by the youthful gods Shiva and Krishna . The maharaja, perhaps Jagat Singh, is seen in a palace forecourt greeting the goddess who rests sidesaddle on a cockerel vahana ,her vehicle. Behind her are Shiva and Krishna are seen as blue and white twins in a type of tandem dance. : The goddess, though according to Blurton is popular in Gujarat, Western India: lacks a reference in either Majupuria’s, or Gupte’s books*. The three eyed goddess holds in her four hands; a mace, trident. sword and a lotus. She is richly dressed and bejeweled and on her head is a crown which is surrounded by a golden nimbus. The blue and white figures are also richly adorn and in their four hands hold the following: Shiva peacock feathers, sword, drum, and lotus and blue one sword, drum whisk, and lotus. Their nimbus each contain a coiling snake The floor of the forecourt is a rich pattern, behind the walls a rich profusion of flowers, in the foreground a marble pool and fountain.

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Ithaca College Museum of Art Ithaca, New York, 1971
Lycoming College Gallery, Williamsport,1981
Christie’s NYC: 14 September 2010 Auction (FAUSTO-2337):Item 204 not sold.

Collection of James E. Bogle, Philadelphia
Acquired 26 June 1970 from Kumar Galleries , 11 Sundar Nagar Market, New Delhi, India