South Asian Collection, ‘Rape of Sita (Balinese, Made Geredeg; Peliton; Ubud, Bali)’, ca. 1970, Seraphin Gallery

The work depicts the rape of Sita from the Ramayana. .Sita in the embraced of -------------rest one arm on her headdress an with the other holds a bared knife. The garuda rests one of his clawed feet on the head of one of the demonic figures which form the base. The two main figures are artistically wrapped in a spiral type form-the garuda’s wings and tail feathers are prominent and form a colorful background to the two main protagonists

REMARKS: `The piece was purchase in Ubud, Bali. There were two pieces and when I went back to inquire about the second piece I was told that the artist had died, was considered a master and that the second piece was 15 times the price of the one I bought.

Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Acquired 1973 from a shop in Ubud ,Bali Indonesia.