South Asian Collection, ‘Seated Buddha On High Stepped Throne (Burmese; Shan Style)’, ca. 19, Seraphin Gallery

A figure of Buddha,seated in dhyanasana on a molded throne, his hands in bhumisarsa and dhyana mudra, and wearing a monastic robe .

One author describes a similar piece as follows:

“ The delicate, elongated figure of the “Enlightened One” and the high stepped throne which tapers of toward the top are noteworthy characteristics of the cannon of style of Shan artist. The head bends slightly forward and the face is oval. The half-closed eyes are made to slant and high above them are the eyebrows whiuch are made with carefully engraved, small lines. The nose is robust with pronouncedly flaring nostrils. Blow it the small thin-lipped mouth runs nearly horizontally. Above the peppercorn-style hairpiece, without a pronounced usnisa, is crowned wit a stupa-like “flame” (rasmi). The fine borders of the monk’s dress as well as the decoration of the drapery and the throne were incised after the casing” Karow; Figure 64,p.80.

The figure bears a Shan Language inscription on the rear of the throne.

Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Acquired 1971,Ayutthaya, Thailand from’Wungboran Antiques’