South Asian Collection, ‘Sitting Buddha Statue (Lanna School; Mixed Type Style)’, ca. 15, Seraphin Gallery

The figure is a Northern type seated Buddha on a Chieng-Saen type waisted lotus base. Reference is made to Griswold’s Figure 10, and plates 7,19, and 31 The figure is in the bhumisparsna-mudra position (calling the earth to witness) This refers to the Buddha awakened from meditation by doubt insinuated by Mara the Tempter presses instinctively his right hand over the foreleg Rajani,p.41

Ithaca College Museum of Art, Ithaca, New York ,Spring 1971
Catalog exhibition entitled ‘Art of Thailand.’ Item 27: Loan number 396.70L

Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Acquired July 1959 ,Ayutthaya, Thailand from Wanchai ( an antique dealer introduced to me by Jim Thompson).