South Asian Collection, ‘The Goddess Durga Attacking a Demon (Jaipur School)’, ca. 1840, Seraphin Gallery

The painting depicts the goddess Durga attacking a Demon: The inscription covered by the matte translates “then the goddess that is Durga hit the devil with the trident”. The goddess seated on her vehicle, , a pouncing lion ,is attacking the green skin demon being taken into the fray in a chariot drawn by two red horses. The landscape is developed in muted earth tones; the sky lowering.
In the background in the landscape is Mount Kailasa. “ Her ten-armed figure, standing on the back of a lion, symbolizes the great power that the Vedic texts describe her as wielding, either to punish or to confer grace on human beings. She destroys the demon of ignorance,
nourishes the poor, and confers blessings of love and knowledge upon all those who strive for God-realization “*

*Fischer-Schreiber,I; Ehrhard, F;Friedrichs,K; and Diener, M;
The Encyclopedia of Easter Philosophy and Religion;
Barnes & Noble Books, New York, 1999, page 96.

Lycoming College Gallery; Williamsport, Pennsylvania 1981

Collection of James E. Bogle Philadelphia
Acquired 1978 from Bharany’s Gallery , 14 Sunder Nagar Mark