South Asian Collection, ‘Vishnu and Sarasvati (Kangra School)’, ca. 1850, Seraphin Gallery

Vishnu and Sarasvati. Are shown together on a lotus pad floating over pond sprinkled with scatter lotus blooms and pads. Sarasvati’s white birds are in the foreground. Vishnu gazing adoring at Sarasvati holds in his four hands, the wheel, conch , mace and lotus. Vishnu is richly ornamented with garlands, bracelets, and earrings. On his head he wears a golden crown. The colors are muted, and the red-grays of the landscape serve to set the scene and places focus on the figures. In the background a bearably discernible hill over which pinkish clouds rides. Red borders with two yellow stripes. This type of isolated scene occurs occasionally in Kangra painting.

Lycoming College Gallery, Williamsport, Pennsylvania; 1981

Collection of James E. Bogle, Philadelphia
Acquired 1980 from