Good Ideas

Signature: This work is signed by the artist and comes with a documentation sheet.

About Squeak Carnwath

For Squeak Carnwath, painting is a form of questioning, through which she reflects on the nature of reality, illusion, and experience. As the artist explains: “I think that painting is a philosophical enterprise in that people believe that what they’re seeing is a real thing… Even though it’s just a thin film of paint on a flat surface, people believe in a painting’s reality.” Carnwath’s compositions reflect her conceptual approach. Recognizable images—heads, candelabras, coins—float against colored fields and appear entangled in grids and beside drips and brushstrokes. Aphorisms and observations, written in script, run across her canvases. In Painting Is (2010), Carnwath depicts a piece of notebook paper against a colorful gridded background. The paper reads, “painting is all thought and pleasure,” a teasing, pithy meditation on the nature of a medium whose reality is illusionism.

American, b. 1947, Abington, Pennsylvania, based in Oakland, California

Exhibition Highlights On Artsy

Color V, Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum
Squeak Carnwath, Walter Robinson, and Orlando Leyba, Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe
Squeak Carnwath: What Before Comes After, Jane Lombard Gallery, New York
Squeak Carnwath - Recent and Now, Clark Gallery, Lincoln