Stacy Engman, ‘STACY ENGMAN ART ROYALTY - 1.5 Carat Diamond Rococo Bow Sunglasses-Tiara’, ART CAPSUL

STACY ENGMAN ART ROYALTY - Diamond Rococo Bow Sunglasses-Tiara
1.5 Carat diamond Sunglasses-Tiara by Stacy Engman ART ROYALTY features 1.5ct diamonds to form this exquisite bow setting that is a one of a kind configuration.

The legendary art museum curator and style icon Stacy Engman coined the original term Sunglasses-Tiara to reference her uniquely embellished sunglasses she is known for wearing - styled as a tiara worn on the head; or as traditional sunglasses as her signature look. Each unique piece in her fine jewellery ART ROYALTY collection is a work of art itself - which can easily transition from the red carpet to the art gallery, fashion week front row, to the street as Engman has so seamlessly demonstrates. Each one-of-a-kind piece is hand made in Paris, London, Geneva, or New York and features real gems and fine diamonds on UV protected sunglasses, making them the perfect go-to accessory for the epitome of chic yet functional art style. This highly coveted collectable comes beautifully packaged in a custom box; and includes a Certificate Of Authenticity and is signed by its Stacy Engman.

Engman's glamorous and often epic global travel adventures in her storied career as a top celebrity art curator have become synonomous with great art; unprecedented art access, and her infamous Sunglasses-Tiara.

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