Stan Shaffer, ‘Andy Warhol as the Great Gatsby, with Sharon Hammond and Maureen McCluskey’, 1974, Ever Gold [Projects]

Captions and Commentary by Justin and Allie Shaffer, Stan Shaffer, and friends:

Dad and Andy were friends throughout the ’70s in New York. They ran in similar circles socially, collaborated creatively from time to time, and photographed each other. Their friendship was the basis for this image, which is the most unique and certainly the most rare in his archives. Dad was working on a shoot for New York Magazine called “New York is an Art Deco City.” He asked Andy if they could do a shoot to support this with him dressed up as the Great Gatsby. Andy agreed to it despite it being outside of the context of how his very controlled image was being presented publicly at the time. They went out to “East Egg” to the family home of mutual friends and sisters Sharon Hammond and Maureen McCluskey to shoot this. This accidental triptych, which occurred rarely when the camera would fail to properly advance the film, is breathtaking as a negative and we decided to show it in its unfettered original form at size. You’ll never see another image of Andy like this. Because of Dad’s mastery of the exposure itself the combined image ends up feeling really unique and alive. We wish we were with them that day.

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