Stan Shaffer, ‘Grace Jones’, 1971, Ever Gold [Projects]

Captions and Commentary by Justin and Allie Shaffer, Stan Shaffer, and friends:

Grace pops up in Dad’s life in the ’70s repeatedly. This photo is an early shot of her at the start of her modeling career and before her modern identity was well formed. Later on in the Studio 54 era, Dad was spending a lot of time in that scene and in a funny turn of events, my godmother Reute Butler ended up in a relationship with him and her at the same time for a while.

Stan Shaffer: “Grace had just arrived in New York and this was a very early photo, before her rise to fame. This photo was very late ’60s or very early ’70s, before her remake into what you know today. She was a great friend and we stayed close for many years”

Reute Butler: “After her concerts, we would take her car and driver around town and dance all night at different clubs until dawn, just the two of us. I do remember everyone either stopped dead to look at us or were trying to pretend they weren’t, which we knew and thoroughly enjoyed with no discussion. It was our due. We were stars. We must have been quite a sight really, tall, she with a flat top and so black. Me with long blond hair and so white. I knew full well what people said. Couldn’t have cared less. Stan was totally cool about these forays. Sometimes the three of us went out together. He knew I was having fun and as long as I came home to him safe he was happy. He was generous that way.”

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