Stan Shaffer, ‘Jane Hitchcock with her daughter Serena’, 1972, Ever Gold [Projects]

Jane was truly a supermodel in the ’70s when the term was invented and meant even more than it does today. She was one of Wilhelmina’s first models and worked often with Dad. This image is from a personal weekend together upstate, and is a single exposure that is one of my favorite photographs of his ever. We love how intimate and vulnerable this photograph is.
It’s very representative of the connection he formed with whom he photographed and worked and played with. Jane was 19 at the time, and her daughter Serena was just about 1 year old.

Stan Shaffer: “We were away for the weekend at the country home of a friend of ours... her nails were freshly done for an Elizabeth Arden campaign that we were doing for the esteemed
Mr. Henry Wolf. Her baby looks quite happy breathing second hand smoke and holding a pack of rolling papers. We of course didn’t know any better. We were happy, we were high, and we
were all good friends... good times... good times...”

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