Stan Shaffer, ‘Tom Berenger with Jerry Hall, in Central Park’, 1975, Ever Gold [Projects]

Captions and Commentary by Justin and Allie Shaffer, Stan Shaffer, and friends:

Dad had the pleasure of both discovering and working with a number of models and celebrities very early in their careers. These connections and relationships came from a variety of places—of particular note his unique relationship with Eileen Ford of the Ford Modeling Agency. They started their careers together and Eileen talks about this in the quote below from her foreword for You Should Have Been With Me. Dad was particularly close with Jerry Hall and Patti Hansen both. These relationships translated into childhood memories for me involving time spent in Mustique, and many other stories of adventures with the Rolling Stones, including introducing Keith and Patti as the story goes. Tom, having grown up in Queens, was just starting his modeling career here. Justin: Oh and by the way, I didn’t retouch those abs.

Stan Shaffer: “Two very sexy young people. If they only knew what was to come for them. These are very early photos of them and possibly the only one in existence of them together... It was all instinct for me.”

Eileen Ford: “Stan Shaffer became a wonderful friend to my husband and me over 40 years ago. We both started our careers, Stan as a photographer assistant, we as what still remains, The Ford Model Agency. In those days in order to launch a model’s career we needed photographs to put in a girl’s scrapbook. It was almost impossible to get help from established photographers. One day after nobody would help me, I asked a young assistant that I knew only on the telephone would he, could he help. He very kindly took the needed pictures and so began a friendship that has endured for so long. Stan Shaffer had an extraordinary vision, not just of fashion but that of a journalist observing and recording with his camera the changing scene of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. With “You Should Have Been With Me” you will find a photographic reminder of what life was like during those years. You will find that this book is not just a work of art but a history of a world so different from today.”

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