Stanley Boxer, ‘Untitled  IX’, 1971, Alpha 137 Gallery
Stanley Boxer, ‘Untitled  IX’, 1971, Alpha 137 Gallery
Stanley Boxer, ‘Untitled  IX’, 1971, Alpha 137 Gallery

This is a poignant original hand signed mixed media drawing by renowned modernist painter Stanley Boxer. Boxer is often called an abstract expressionist or color field painter, but his distinctive style ultimately transcended such classifications.

The drawing itself measures 7.5 by 10.5 inches. It is matted and framed; the matting measures 11 inches by 14 inches. The frame itself is a vintage DAX frame, and the plexiglass is quite scratched. However the verso (back) of the frame bears the original Tibor de Nagy Gallery label with their unique inventory number, so to preserve provenance, we are leaving it exactly as is in the original frame.

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Signature: Signed and dated on the recto (front) lower right; verso of the plexiglass frame bears label from Tibor de Nagy Gallery, with stock number. (see photo).

Tibor de Nagy Gallery
Private Collection, USA

About Stanley Boxer

Stanley Boxer devoted nearly five decades to the development of an expressive, abstract practice, encompassing drawing, sculpture, and printmaking. “In the manufacture of my art, I use anything and everything that gets the job done without any sentiment or sanctity as to medium,” he once said. While best known for his thickly brushed canvases that engage the material qualities of paint, he began his career as a figurative painter and draughtsman. Throughout the 1960s, Boxer was often associated with the Color Field painters and, for a period, used dense planes of color as the governing center of his work. He later moved beyond these concerns, however, towards an examination of paint itself.

American , 1926-2000, New York, New York