Stano Filko, ‘Emotion 1977, ONTOLOGY/ON THE CEILING’, 1977, SODA gallery

About Stano Filko

Numbers, colors, algorithms, and the cosmos are both the subject and the medium of Filko’s paintings, collages, and assemblages. Influenced by modernist architecture and existential philosophies, Filko builds psycho-philosophical systems with the goal of revealing a singular truth and an absolute objectivity. His Color System, for example, combines Newtonian physics with the color theory of art history, classifying colors into five different dimensions that further unfold into 20 sub-sections based on hue and emotive associations—such that colors in a higher dimension also contain everything from the lower dimensions. Since 2005, he has been building a gesamtkunstwerk (an immersive, total art experience) in Slovakia called “ARC,” which will house his art and serve as a workshop and laboratory, both revealing and contributing to the development of Filko’s logic theories and systems.

Slovakia, 1937-2015, Veľká Hradná, Slovakia, based in Bratislava, Slovakia