Stefan Bondell, ‘IN THE BLACK’, 2013, Public Art Fund Benefit Auction 2015

Estimated value: $15,000

As a poet and visual artist, Stefan Bondell explores the meaning of text, image, and material. The title of this work redoubles the confrontational effect of a stain on a matrix of shredded dollar bills.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

About Stefan Bondell

A poet and visual artist, Stefan Bondell has become known for both his paintings and his political provocations. Bondell’s brooding and mysterious oil-and-gouache-on-canvas works wed abstraction and symbolic figurative elements. In his paintings, silhouetted forms suggesting satellites, skeletons, and people engaged in prayer are rendered atop shadowy, foreboding backdrops. Bondell often presents his work in an unusual context, in venues that have ranged from a New York cemetery to a gallery space in which he lined the floor with $1 million in shredded U.S. currency.