Stefan Brüggemann, ‘Time x time’, 2015, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Courtesy of Stefan Brüggemann and Hauser & Wirth

Matthew is three years old and fascinated with space! He is fighting Ewing Sarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer, which causes him to have a severe limp and has meant many painful hospital visits.
Matthew is so spellbound by space that he knows the names of each planet, as well as the stars and it is his dream to go to the moon one day! So, it came as no surprise that Matthew’s wish was to be an astronaut for the day.
On the day of his wish, Matthew received his very own spacesuit together with all the necessary accessories an astronaut would need for a space adventure.
First stop was the Astronomical Observatory in Israel where Matthew and his family had a private tour. He then got dressed into his own spacesuit and a local pilot took him on a special flight over his home town in a twin-engine plane.
On landing, Matthew and his family were honorary guests at the Ritz Carlton where they received a red carpet greeting.
The whole experience gave Matthew and his family something positive to focus on and Matthew’s Mum said, “The wish took our son out of his daily, very painful hospital visits and gave him something not only to look forward to, but something to continue to look back on and think about in the difficult days to come.”

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Image rights: © Stefan Brüggemann, courtesy of Hauser & Wirth

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