Stéphane Calais, ‘Sans titre (D'après Jean-Baptiste Pillement)’, 2014, gdm

About Stéphane Calais

Stéphane Calais believes that “it’s better to be incomprehensible.” His style has been described as conceptual and abstract absurdism, drawing playfully from both popular culture and art history. Recently, Calais produced Pleiades (2008-09), in which he superimposed eight watercolor renderings of famous men into one composite and illegible portrait. Calais also produces acrylic paintings on canvas, which often feature gradients with almost a metallic sheen and exhibit an almost florid abundance. Works like Picasso! (2009), Un Bouquet Francais (2009), and even The Truth about Death, Batman & Jack Spicer (2005) borrow motifs from lace patterns and Rococo imagery. Calais also produces colorful installations and sculpture featuring manipulated found objects and occasional text.

French, b. 1967, Arras, France, based in Paris, France