Stephanie Blumenthal, ‘Green Stairs’, 2017, Carrie Haddad Gallery

This abstracted photograph by Western Massachusetts-based artist Stephanie Blumenthal, offers a glimpse into a shadowy architecturally minimalist stairwell. Her monochromatic palette consists of a range of olive green tints and shades, including some areas of very dark, almost-black shadow. This minimalist palette, combined with crisply defined geometric shapes, creates a bold, clean composition. The artist simplified the texture of the image by sampling colors from the original photograph in Photoshop and tracing opaque shapes over the various environmental planes. The final contemporary image lies somewhere between the representational and the abstract.

Artist statement:

If you dissect man made architectural structures, you realize that they are primarily made up of geometric shapes. De-emphasizing details doesn't only change the photograph into an abstracted image; it highlights the interaction between the different planes.

The overlaid colors give the photograph a painterly quality, yet I held back on the opacity to create tension between the photographic and the abstract, making the end product reside somewhere between the two.

Series: Spaces

About Stephanie Blumenthal

American, based in Berkshire County, MA, United States