Stephanie Hier, ‘Snail Snafu’, 2016, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist.

Stephanie Hier’s Snail Snafu deftly combines competing visual registers: The subject of the figurative painting—a cornucopia of dewy plums—is rendered with naturalistic precision, while readymade silhouettes of two hands in a delicate grasping gesture overlay the pictorial surface, as though plucked from a different image world altogether. A clearly handmade, thin, blue ceramic sculptural frame then draws attention to the artist’s careful, subjective selection of images, whose placement in such a crafted space makes at once for a compositional coherence and playful dissonance. –Courtesy of The Kitchen

Framed, framed dimensions: 16 x 11 x 1.5 inches

Born in 1992, Stephanie Hier primarily makes paintings that explore the structures and intersections of different visual cultures. A classically trained painter influenced by the 17th century Dutch Masters of still life painting, Hier fuses both photorealistic and illustrative painting styles in a single picture plane to create layered images of seemingly dichotomous subject matter that mirror the contradictions endemic to the contemporary visual landscape. Hier’s paintings are frequently presented in hand-crafted ceramic frames that self-reflexively acknowledge the painter’s role in staging images for the viewer. Hier has had exhibitions at Downs and Ross, New York, NY, NEOCHROME, Turin and ThreeFourThreeFour, New York, NY.

Signature: Verso

About Stephanie Hier

Canadian, b. 1992, Toronto, ON, Canada, based in Queens, NY, United States

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