Stephanie Nnamani, ‘The Black Victorian ’, Getty Images Gallery

The Black Victorian is a visual experiment, designed to examine and explore the absence of Black, female narratives in pivotal cultural and social movements such as the Victorian. The Victorian era birthed perhaps one of the most cultural shifts with its introduction of photography. Prior to, paintings were a means to capture and communicate the essence of the era. The depiction of Black narratives, if any, did not display opulence nor status. Creating images employing painting techniques present within the era provides a retrospective view of what could have been. It communicates, for me, that Black narratives then and now, warrant the commitment and intricacy inherent in the practise and discipline of painting. I created this with a group of Black women, for Black women.

Image rights: Stephanie Nnamani/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Female Gaze, Getty Images Gallery, 2018.

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