Stephanie Washburn, ‘Walking Back the Cat (2)’, 2013, Mark Moore Fine Art

This work is unique. Washburn drawings on vellum paper from her series "Walking Back the Cat," which again refer to screen imagery in a decidedly performative way. Reiterating the importance of touch, the drawings show her hand’s attempt to make sense of the spiraling catastrophe depicted in several looped sequences from the film Earthquake about the end of Los Angeles. The results, delicate but dogged, wrest an apocalyptic spectacle onto an intimate surface layered with the slower time of a real body in action.

Signature: Verso

About Stephanie Washburn

Stephanie Washburn’s digital color prints are the result of mixed-media installations that are carefully crafted and then photographed. Her materials are diverse and domestic—butter, feathers, flowers, plastic wrap; Washburn affixes the substances and items to her television while screening her favorite programs, whose images bleed through the surface messes she creates. The final product—the photograph—is abstract, with only hints of blurred familiarity. Washburn splits her time between Los Angeles and Ojai and has exhibited extensively in California.

American, b. 1980

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