Stephen Berens, ‘July 31, 2005, Afternoon | July 19, 2005, Morning | August 8, 2005, Morning | July 29, 2005, Late Afternoon | July 25, 2005, Late Evening | August 7, 2005, Morning | July 26, 2005, Morning | August 3, 2005, Late Afternoon | August 8, 2005, Morning | August 3, 2005, Afternoon’, 2013-2014, Edward Cella Art and Architecture

To make each of these images, Stephen Berens printed photographs from a previous project, 40 Views of Rome (2005), on top of one another in a sequential manner. The original photographs were each views of the exact same landscape that he shot from his window during a residency at the American Academy in Rome.

In some of these new images, where only a few of the original views are composited, evidence of the process is visible in the overlapping trees, clouds and buildings. As the series progresses details in the sky are the last to remain clearly visible and as the layers continue to build the image begins to appear virtually monochromatic. Yet, even in the darkest print (where eighteen images are stacked on top of one another) the basic elements of the landscape are visible, ghost-like in the blackness.

Series: All days are nights (2013-2014)

Vernacular Environments, Part 1, Edward Cella Art & Architecture, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Whitney Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

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