Stephen Bird, ‘Too Steep’, 2015,  Olsen Irwin

About Stephen Bird

Grounded in his training as a painter and fueled by his inborn irreverence, mixed-media artist Stephen Bird is best known for his ceramic works: sculptures, plates, and vessels covered with exquisitely detailed, wry vignettes focused on the tragicomedy of the human condition. Eyeballs, fried eggs, Adam and Eve, Jesus, and Hindu and Buddhist deities are among the many images that recur in his compositions, which serve as vehicles for his satirical view of life. At once fastidious and cartoonish, Bird’s style is a mixture of close observation of his surroundings, imagination, and a democratic approach to painting, drawing, etching, sculpture, and, since the early 1990s, ceramics. As he explains: “I approach each medium with the only method I know: looking, drawing, adjusting, looking, over and over until something begins to happen which is beyond words or even rational thinking.”

British-Australian, b. 1964, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom, based in Sydney, Australia and Dundee, United Kingdom

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