Stephen Lapthisophon, ‘For Mimmo Rotella’, 2014, Conduit Gallery

About Stephen Lapthisophon

Claiming, “I want my experience and the audience’s experience to be of the moment—in process and in flux,” Stephen Lapthisophon cobbles together disparate and unlikely materials to produce work that urges viewers to examine, and change, the way they perceive themselves and the world. Food, language, historical texts, and art historical and filmic references are the stuff of his mixed-media paintings, works on paper, sculptures, installations, and videos, at the heart of all of which is an enduring exploration of identity—and its mutability. By incorporating such edibles as potatoes, olive oil, and wine into his compositions, for example, he represents the self as a construct of daily actions, like eating. Informed by his studies of comparative literature and theory, Lapthisophon undermines fixed notions of art and life, the self, past and present in his messy, generous work.

American, b. 1956