Stephen Walling, ‘Light & Shadow’, 2013, Carrie Haddad Gallery
Stephen Walling, ‘Light & Shadow’, 2013, Carrie Haddad Gallery

Wood strips carefully carved and hand painted in bright yellow, orange, and green acrylic paint adhered to a wood panel that measures 30 x 36 inches.

This modern, abstract, three-dimensional wall sculpture was made by former Conde Nast Art Director turned sculptor, Stephen Walling. The artist created the work by intricately carving strips of wood in graphic rectangular patterns that are then painted with bright neon-like yellow, orange, green acrylic paint and adhered to a solid wood panel backing. The work pairs perfectly with any decor, especially a modernist or mid-century modern aesthetic. Bright, almost fluorescent colors contrast against the dark borders while the strips of wood carved at different depths create a playful and graphic three-dimensional effect. The wall sculpture can be hung horizontally or vertically. It measures 30 x 36 inches and is signed on the back.

About the artist and work:
Stephen Walling demonstrates a trained eye with wall relief sculptures of colorfully painted wood strips and blocks, intricately carved and composed into graphic arrangements.
Although Walling’s sculptures are crafted around a dedication to color and shape, his newest body of works reveals a shift in inspiration and evolution in studio process. In earlier work, the artist took his cues from nature; representational forms based on the shapes of trees, slopes of the Catskill mountains and even aerial views were most prevalent. He also experimented with photo-collage, pasting images of back lit forests on varying heights of wood. More recently, Walling has found increasing comfort in the possibilities of abstraction. Walling now follows a kind of ‘mind-map’, influenced by almost anything and everything, when creating a new sculpture. The premeditated image leads Walling to the selection of all colors, shapes, and arrangements. Recent work demonstrates a fascination with light and shadow. Individual pieces of intricately carved wood unite to create various shadows that work to create a dazzling optical illusion. Ranging depths of wood are often enhanced with color painted on different sides of each block. This hint of color encourages the viewer’s eye to travel throughout Walling’s surfaces as perspective reveals transitions in palette and shadow.

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About Stephen Walling

American, based in Germantown, NY, United States

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