Stephen Willats, ‘Conceptual Tower Series No. 44’, 2011, Galerie Reinhard Hauff

Signature: Signed and dated

Oxford, Modern Art Oxford, Conscious – Unconscious In and Out the Reality Check, Stephen Willats, 2013; Paris, Galerie Balice-Hertling, 2013; Stuttgart, Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stephen Willats. Conversations With Buildings, 2016; Köln, ART COLOGNE, 2017.

About Stephen Willats

Stephen Willats explores the intersection of his collaborative and interactive artistic practice with scientific modes like systems research, learning and communications theory, and computer technology. Willats combines documentary photography with the graphics of information design and propaganda to create multi-sensory, multi-dimensional environments that encourage viewers to reconsider perception. For Nothing Is Quite As It Appears (2000), Willats invited four directors to shoot the same scene of a woman walking across an overpass, then edited their clips together. The piece, which features numerous shifts in camera angle and perspective, examines how we perceive reality and points out that we all see things differently.

British, b. 1943, London, United Kingdom

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