Steve McPherson, ‘Wavelengths’, 2013, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY
Steve McPherson, ‘Wavelengths’, 2013, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY

"Wavelengths is based on the pelagic zones of the worlds oceans from the continental shelf to the abyss and deepest trenches.

In 2006 the United Nations Environment Programme estimated that every square mile of the worlds oceans contain 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. These objects which eventually are thrown onto a beach by an unconcerned tide, represent all aspects of life and world history, in the material that will mark the late 20-and early 21st century. This plastic, this wonder material that can be molded in any form, dose not rot, does not bio-degrade, but does sit in sea and sand waiting to be discovered. A colorful contemporary archaeology.

Living on the coast for most of my life, I have been molded by the seas presence and immersed in its influence. The oceans ever changing nature, its ability to calm, to hypnotize, to excite and destroy have drenched me in marvel and awe, and I return to the sea both in waking and sleeping states. Whilst it holds mystery deep beneath foams and sparkling surfaces, I endeavor to plunder this vast and rich subject which connects all living things but reveals little of itself".

  • Steve McPherson 2013

About Steve McPherson

Steve McPherson, a self-described “artist, lecturer, collector, cartographer, diarist,” works in a variety of mediums and formats including installations, sculpture, painting, drawing, and collage. Each work is an extension of his interest in systems of knowledge and how information is presented and organized in places such as laboratories and museums. Maps, organizational schematics, and scientific diagrams populate many of his pieces. McPherson is also attracted to the format and uses of books, and his best-known works are in the form of notebooks and journals. He is also known for his assemblage pieces made from the debris he collected from the northern coasts of the United Kingdom over the course of 15 years.

British, b. 1972, Kent, United Kingdom