Steve Perrault, ‘Focus on the Journey’, 2017, Avran Fine Art

About Steve Perrault

Steve Perrault wore many hats prior to his career as a painter, all of which continue to inform his work with unique personal experience. Having received graduate degrees in theology, psychology, and art history, Perrault worked for 10 years as a psychotherapist, often with the incarcerated; overlapping this time, Perrault spent years living in seminary communities. Both environments provoked his interest in psychological and spiritual self-discovery, the simple architecture and quiet spaces of the interiors he worked in informing his paintings. He was initially inspired to paint after noticing a beautiful light cast in the stairwell at his monastery (after which he immediately painted the surrounding walls blue and added a yellow stripe to enhance the shape of the light.) In his canvas paintings, Perrault creates similarly pristine, geometric interiors that play with light and encourage introspection.

American, b. 1954, based in Harrisburg, PA, United States