Steven and William Ladd, ‘Dad’, 2015, Saint Louis Art Museum
Steven and William Ladd, ‘Dad’, 2015, Saint Louis Art Museum

Blown glass ant made in collaboration with the Corning Museum of Glass.

From the artists: There is a specific moment when William and I remember opening a red Lego box and thousands of ants pouring out. That was the beginning of continuous ant infestations in our grade school home. As we began our art practice this memory triggered the creation of our first ants made of tiny beads and wire. These ants made their way into our landscapes as symbols of that early infestation and our relationship with our home life in St. Louis. Over the years that symbol of the ant has morphed for us into a symbol of collaboration and community and the people that we love in our lives. The ants that we create for our landscapes are often in colonies and become characters in the conceptual narrative of the works. This colony of six glass ants represents our mother, father, and our four siblings.

Image rights: © Steven and William Ladd, All rights Reserved, 2015

Scouts or Sports? Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis, Missouri. 2015. Curator Simon Kelley

2300° Performance at the Corning Museum of Glass. Corning, New York. 2015.

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