Steven and William Ladd, ‘Miss Piggy in Hiding’, 2010, Mingei International Museum

Drawing of My fathers bathroom from 9769 when I was a child. Drawing is cut out of a sheet of papers and sewn onto another 13 x 19 sheet with a linen thread. Framed in Navy 1” invisible dog trimming with electrical tape sealing an OP3 Plexiglass and an archival board.

Steven: "I was obsessed with my Miss Piggy doll."
William: "He wouldn’t let anyone in the bathroom while he gave her a daily wash and set."
Steven: "We needed our privacy."

Image rights: © Steven and William Ladd, All rights Reserved, 2015

Function and Fantasy: Steven and William Ladd. Mingei International
Museum, San Diego, California. 2014. Curator Christine Knoke.

Steven and William Ladd: 9769 Radio Drive. The Contemporary Museum, Hawaii. 2011. Curator Jay Jensen.

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