Steven and William Ladd, ‘Tape Necklace’, 2002, Mingei International Museum

Hand-loomed Tape Necklace with transparent matte honey Delicas with cross bands in bronze and black. Distance and width of stripes vary across tape. Tubular silver clasp. metallic bronze background and crystal color squared rectangle motifs. Motifs decrease in size toward the center of the tape. Silver tubular clasp.

This was William’s first necktie. It was later sewn down the side of a pair of my pants as a stripe and then turned into a Tape Necklace with the addition of the clasp.

Image rights: © Steven and William Ladd, All rights Reserved, 2015

Function and Fantasy: Steven and William Ladd. Mingei International Museum, San Diego, California. 2014. Curator Christine Knoke.

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